Food Media Buying With Value

Food marketing and drinks PR can be a costly business, if you don't know how to get the most for your money.

Only Food's buyers have a background in media sales and are expertly postioned to go to the right source and get you the most bang for your buck.

Use us to buy your media and you will get two great benefits.

We don’t charge a fee for media buying. The media pays us a commission, so we see no need to charge our food and drinks clients a fee.

And we will make your budget go further. By negotiating harder and paying for the media upfront you can expect your advertising to cost up to 25% less.

Any media buying agency will attest that the ability to recommend which paid-for media channels should be used - and in which combination - is an essential part of any food or drink marketing strategy.

Our heritage is in buying.

Knowing the tricks of the trade, the negotiation tactics used and the best time to go into the market to obtain the very best price is key to our media buying service.

We have in-depth marketplace knowledge of both traditional and emerging digital communications channels. With strong media relationships and a tenacious team of buyers we can plan, negotiate and trade intelligently and effectively on your behalf.

Whether its food advertising through radio, TV, print or digital let us get you the very best deal.


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